Friday, November 20, 2009


Church from Byzantine Era in Bamuqa

Bamuqa is found on west to Ras-alhosn village in Jabal Barisha region of the Dead Cities.
Dead Cities are ruins from Byzantine Era, lived between 200-600 A.D., and people worked then mainly in olive industry.
They left beautiful architecture which until now amazes nowadays people, and are documents of pride for Syria.

Villa in Bamuqa. Byzantine EraBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteBamuqa Byzantine SiteBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteInscriptions from Byzantine Era. BamuqaBamuqa Byzantine Site EngravingsBamuqa Byzantine EraCrosses from Byzantine Era in BamuqaBamuqa is a picnic site tooCrosses from Byzantine Era in BamuqaCrosses from Byzantine EraBamuqa Homes from Byzantine EraBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteLimestone Massif in BamuqaBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteBamuqa Byzantine Era SiteThe Road is going to Bamuqa

Thursday, November 05, 2009

LOMO Photography

These photos are taken by LOMO.

They are in different sites in Syria.

My NieceLimestone Rocks of Dead Cities Area, Ruweiha, SyriaGoing To HaremEin Dara Ancient SiteEin Dara Ancient SiteNature Full of Olive Trees at Ein DaraAleppo Old TownMediterranean Sea at KesabSamra VillageNabaen Village Near Kesab. Taken in early morning.Taken by LomoNabaen Village Near KesabNabaen Village Near KesabArmenian Church at Samra Village Near Mediterranean SeaAleppo Old TownNajem Castle on Euphrates