Friday, April 04, 2008

Idlib countryside

Spring at Idlib countryside

Idlib is at north-west of Syria, west of Aleppo. The countryside is green and prosperous. A lot of historical sites, mainly byzantine era villages, monasteries, churches, the whole is known as "dead cities", and also some castles, bathrooms, mosaics.

The museum of Maaret Alnooman is one of richest in mosaic and related art exhibitions.

The limestone mass is abundantly present which constitutes a part of attractive nature, beautiful rocky mountains intermixed with agricultural fields, and the Orontes river, which is "historical" in the sense that known history of this region mentions this river in the oldest scripts.

Village home Orontes basin highlands Town Darkush Town Darkush with spring clouds Orontes in Syria. Town Darkush Orontes in Syria. Town Darkush Orontes in Syria. Town Darkush Town Darkush Orontes in Syria. Town Darkush Highway in Syria
100_4617 Village Armanaz bazar (market)

Countryside in Syria

Mosque entrance in Armanaz Village bazar (market) Track road Wild red Olive fields Idlib autostrade Village bazar in Armanaz Orontes basin The road to Darkush
Village bazar Orontes river in Darkush town Syrian countryside

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