Friday, March 07, 2008

Telanissos. Der Samaan Ruins


These ruins are part of St. Simeon cathedral area. They are believed to be the whole complex of a monastery used to be here.
See wikipedia entry for this information about St. Simeon Stylite.

Telanissos-78 Telanissos-77 Telanissos-75 Telanissos-74 Telanissos-66 Telanissos-63 Telanissos-61 Telanissos-58 Telanissos-55 Telanissos-46 Telanissos-40 Telanissos-38 Telanissos-37 Telanissos-34 Telanissos-31 Telanissos-29 Telanissos-28 Telanissos-26 Telanissos-20 Telanissos-14 Telanissos-13 Spring Flora Spring Flora Telanissos-2 Telanissos-4 Telanissos-1

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