Monday, October 29, 2007

Der Samaan. Just Near To St. Simeon Cathedral

Church Of Der Samaan

DSC09228Byzantine ChurchDSC09225Byzantine Church - MonasteryByzantine RuinsThe Fallen Empire!Byzantine ChurchByzantine ChurchMy Friend Taking A Shot

Dead Cities

Church Of Der SamaanDead CitiesDSC09185Church Of Der SamaanChurch Of Der Samaan

Church Of Der Samaan

Byzantine RuinsDead CitiesChurch Of Der SamaanDSC09171Dead CitiesByzantine Era Stones

Church Of Der Samaan

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Abbey said...

You have so many ruins..they must be of significant historical value...It would be helpful to post a little on each one so us non-syrians (Im Australian) could understand a little better what we are looking at....other than that I think your photographs are fantastic