Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Halabiye. Historical Site On Euphrates River

The pictures here you will see are taken at sunset time, as we arrived Halabiye location at about afternoon 3:00 o'clock. It was very cloudy in the morning in Aleppo, so we postponed the trip altogether to another day, but suddenly at 12 o'clock noon, it was shiny again, so it was ok to set on trip towards DerEzzor.

Here is what we saw (go to my friend's site, there are pictures not available here):

Halabiye. Euphrates At Dusk Time

Halabiye. The Walls And TowersHalabiye. The Walls And TowersHalabiye. The BasilicHalabiye. The BasilicHalabiye. The Ruined Palace RoomsHalabiye. The Towers And The BathsHalabiye. The BasilicHalabiye. The BasilicHalabiye. View From Top Mountain At The CastleHalabiye. Euphrates BasinHalabiye. The Towers And WallsHalabiye. The TowersHalabiye Location On EuphratesHalabiyeHalabiye. Ruined Walls Near The BanksHalabiye Location On Euphrates

Halabiye. General View

A little info about the location:
Halabiye site is located on Euphrates at 100 km distance from Raqqa, or 65 km from Der-Ezzor. It is built back in the times of Palmyra kingdom, when Zenobia made it a defensive structure. Romans came after it, and Diocletian rebuilt it.

Byzantine emperor Justinian also took control of the site, and prepared it for fighting Persian empire.

Then came Sassanids and fortified it again in 610. Later after 15 years Arabs occupied it and because it was no more a frontier, it was neglected.

The complex site consists of towers, tombs, baths, 2 basilicas and a forum. The walls of the city are preserved well.

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