Tuesday, February 27, 2007

January-February My Most Interesting Pictures As To Flickr

Flickr has an algorithm which decides which picture is most "interesting". It can be very unusual, but interesting, not picturesque, but interesting. So here is what the Flickr algorithm revealed:


Hasan Bazerbashi said...

Nice Photos man :) ... how did you pick them up?

Hovic said...

Well, Hasan, thanks for the comment and the question.
In Flickr, let’s say you open your page, the first page or second page doesn’t matter, at the right upper part you’ll see a quadrangle written “search your photos”. Write there something, or a word which is universal to all your photos (for example the word Syria for my case) or (hovic) [I have added this word as a tag to my photos], and then click search.
The Flickr engine retrieves to you the photos tagged Syria, or any image contains the word “Syria” in the title or its text. The order of these photos can be sorted as to interestingness, you’ll see this option there, and the date you can decide by clicking “advanced search”, and defining the dates you want to limit.
After you define the dates, or one date, you will get the results as your query.