Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Katpix (a Canadian citizen):
I can't believe the richness of history of your country. Well, I can believe it. I am just admiring all these fantastic pictures. These ruins, these palaces and temples were once flourishing cities. You photograph them so lovingly, and present them here to us to enjoy and to think about.
Even if I don't comment, I look through your pictures often, and I always find something wonderful! Thank you!


Philip I said...


What more can I possibly add to Katpix's nice comments?

Each photograph is simply exquisite. But when I look at all these ruins, I feel rather sad that our nation has not made enough effort to preserve them.

On the other hand, the ruins ironically look more inviting and dignified because they have been abandoned, deserted, forgotten and left to wither away in their own time.

Have you thought about doing a tour in North American, South American or European capitals to exhibit your fantastic albums? I imagine there will be plenty of cultural centres around the world who would be happy to sponsor such exhibitions.

Hovic said...

Thanks Philip.
In recent years, there were a lot of more attention to historical heritage in Syria, it is noted that Aleppo citadel is now being renovated, the pavement around it is being arranged and rebuilt, Krak Des Chevaliers is under tight reconstruction, and Damascus citadel also lately being opened after restorations.
But some places, which is minor considered or far from big cities or tourism and ruins ministery attention, is somehow neglected, as is the case in some "dead cities" locations. For example, Kharab Al-Shams church is neglected, and there are a photo in the next post shows how many young boys have climbed to the top of the ruins and playing there!!! I was afraid that the ruins and people could fall apart in moments!
As to north America or South America, I don't think now I am up to that grade... later inshalla!