Tuesday, January 30, 2007


St. Elian Monastery's New Church

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And the lake in Sadad

Lake In Sadad

Monday, January 29, 2007

Desert And Oasis

Like mountains, forests, and flowers, desert also has some beauty. Especially if the desert has dried lakes, called "subkha", and variety of yellow colors.
Oasis are considered the shiny green parts of deserts, they are specially beautiful, they appear in the middle of yellow as green spots.

Oasis QaryateinStones Of Qasr Al-Heer Al-GharbiDesertCarved Ground Due To WatersRoad In DesertDesertDesert RoadOasis

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Qasr Al-Heer Al-Gharbi قصر الحير الغربي

The weather was so nice here now in winter! In the depths of Syrian Desert, which is called Al-Badiye, truly not desert, kind of grass containing lands, where Bedouins ramble, found the palace of Omayyad kalif Hisham Abdul-Malek.

It is said that kalif went to hunting there, it was his resort and favorite place.

Nothing much remained from the palace, the front is now in Damascus museum, plus other pieces of statues describing kalif Hisham.

A link to palace’s history: http://www.syriatourism.org/index.php?module=subjects&func=viewpage&pageid=2230

Long roads with smooth drive. Enjoy the silence.

Photos from Flickr linking here:
Al-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace RuinsStones Of Qasr Al-Heer Al-GharbiRuins Of Al-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace RemnantsAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace WallsAl-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace Remnants

Al-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nasira. The Unknown Beauty

Nasira Village Road

The road of village Nasira, the unknown beauty of Syrian land.

Nasira NatureNasira NatureNasira Village RoadNasira Village RoadNasira Village Road

At the entrance of the village a joyful spring met us.

Spring in Nasira

Nasira Nasira NatureNasira NatureSpring At Nasira Village Entrance

Also one of the littlest residents of the village was first to note us!

A Little Resident of Nasira

NasiraPathways in NasiraNasiraNasiraNasiraNasira


Written On The Wall Date: 1342Village HomeNasiraNasira

Then we went to highlands... like on the top of the world!

Home In TreeHigh Mountains GrapeyardHigh Mountains FloraHigh Mountains Flora

On The Top Of The World

Nasira NatureHigh Mountains Wild FloraClouds On High MountainsNasira NatureNasira And Yakubiye Nature

Nasira Nature

Back to Aleppo, at the end of the day, after being 8 hours in green-colorful-lands, a pic of still life.

The Last Pic Of Today, After A Beautiful Trip Through Beautiful Nature of Syria Unknown Places