Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shibani School-Church Museum in Aleppo, Syria

Shibani school-church court

Shibani Church Court

Shibani Court Through WindowShibani Court RoofShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani Chruch CourtShibani Church Court

In one of halls of Shibani museum, there were children's paintings exhibition.

Painting Exhibition of Children

Shibani museum.
Aleppo Topography

Shibani MuseumOld Aleppean HouseShibani MuseumStones Ayubid Era

Aleppo as seen from Shibani school-church complex's roof.

Aleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old Town

Then when come tired out of Shibani, a sunset and dusky scenes near Aleppo citadel refreshes you (F5).

Aleppo SunsetAleppo SunsetAleppo CitadelHammam Yalbugha FrontAleppo Citadel

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majd said...

hi hovic.
i like your blog and photos
i'm from aleppo too but i don't live in syria so a blog like yours keep me in kind of touch with syria. so when i miss syria and my past life i surf on the net and search for syrian blog. i have something to ask you: could you please pute some photos of aleppo in lights of christmas (maybe "villate" street) or do you know any site with photos of aleppo in christmas time???