Friday, November 17, 2006

The Arabic Presentation of The Jazz Estrada Music Program

Sharrukin was right to mention that where is the Arabic (at least) version of the program, if we are promoting exchange of cultures.
Arabic was here, but not on the cover (I admit this is mistake!).
I am posting the inside pages, where the word of the club, the names of the participants, and the program is translated and printed in Arabic.

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Sharrukin said...

Heyyyy thanks!

I think you understood me quite well.

I live in a country where multiethnicity is a reality and where links betweeen cultures are difficult to make.

Hence, we count on music, dance, food, discussions, debates as tools to let everyone express their origins, their cultures and their richness. We, in fact, try to gather all into a unity, where all can live in peace and fraternity. Finally, we certainly count on the use of a common language as an exchanging basis, as a common ground between everyone. That is done without diminishing the importance of the language to the different cultures.