Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shibani School-Church Museum in Aleppo, Syria

Shibani school-church court

Shibani Church Court

Shibani Court Through WindowShibani Court RoofShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani Chruch CourtShibani Church Court

In one of halls of Shibani museum, there were children's paintings exhibition.

Painting Exhibition of Children

Shibani museum.
Aleppo Topography

Shibani MuseumOld Aleppean HouseShibani MuseumStones Ayubid Era

Aleppo as seen from Shibani school-church complex's roof.

Aleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old Town

Then when come tired out of Shibani, a sunset and dusky scenes near Aleppo citadel refreshes you (F5).

Aleppo SunsetAleppo SunsetAleppo CitadelHammam Yalbugha FrontAleppo Citadel

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Aramo is a village in the north-west Syria, where lie green highlands, productive soil, cool summers prevail, and snow covers land in winter.
Just 30km from the coast of Mediterranean.
The village is known to be populated by Armenians, but 1947 they left in large numbers to Armenia. Now a few families live there.
The name Aramo probably comes from name "Aram", an Armenian name, and also the name of ancient people inhabited here (Arameans).

Aramo Street

Village AramoVillage AramoA House in Aramo

An old church is kept alive since 1310, St Stepanos (St Stephen), which stands in the middle of the village. The door was closed but as we appeared near to it, a young man asked and offered to fetch the keys to enter it.
The church is small one, contains some ancient stones carved lauerel leaves.

Old Armenian Church in Aramo

Carving on The Walls of Old Armenian ChurchOld Armenian Church in AramoOld Armenian Church in AramoOld Armenian Church in AramoOld Armenian Church in AramoThe Old Church of AramoThe Old Church of Aramo

Another old church near Aramo.

An Old Church Near AramoAn Old Church Near AramoAn Old Church Near AramoAn Old Church Near AramoAn Old Church Near Aramo

An old cave from ancient times, seen a cross-stone, and green cloth. Muslims also come here for worshipping.

Cave For WorshippersCave For WorshippersCave For Worshippers

An old church, standing only the side-walls, no roof. It is St Mary church.

St. Mary Church in AramoSt. Mary Church in Aramo

Lattakia Region, Salma And Aramo Scenes

Nature From Aramo RegionNature From Aramo RegionNature From Aramo RegionA Secret Garden - Woods on Aramo WaySalma NatureSalma NatureSalma NatureSalma NatureSalma NatureSalma Nature