Monday, June 12, 2006

St. Elian Church, Homs, Syria.

I have posted about this church before. But as my friend hadn't seen it, I took him there, I didn't resist myself to return by empty hands. So the pictures this time may look other.
Just to remember: the church is dedicated to Elian, a doctor who helped the poor. He gave his services freely generously. He accepted christianity and helped the prisoners of faith in medical field. His father arrested him, tortured him.
The church is built in the place of his coffin, where was discovered in 1970. The church is painted by Romanian painter Morosha who spent 9 months to accomplish the job. Thanks to him. Posted by hovic.


Ghalia said...

Then why the guy working there, didn't let me to take any pic, although i had only one! but that got him upset!

But I lit all the candles there!

aleppian said...

It is very pity that he was so rude. I don't know if I met the same guy, but probably another one was there, when I visited there.