Thursday, April 06, 2006

Aleppo After Rain

Today heavily rained in Aleppo, and the sky looked so.


Alex said...

Excellent! all of them ... the rain photo, the street lights ... the dawn!


aleppian said...

the sky shown here is the east part, i have shot it from the west, looking to east. so this part of the sky is not the ordinary reddish-yellowish-orange colors.
the time is just before sunset, and when i was tired back to home, i noted this scene from the car, where i was sitting (it was a taxi), and the pic i have taken through the front window (hopefully it is not seen or not blurred the pic so much)
because aleppo a deserty climate, it is rarely seen such a scene, although only in this season we have rains, so one must not miss the opportunity to take clear shots :)

aleppian said...

i forgot to tell you that before two minutes of this there were floods in the streets.

Alex said...

ok, so keep your camera on you all the time!


The night shots are planned though, no? ... on a tripod?

What digital camera are you using?

aleppian said...

Any of the shots are not planned. And majority of them are taken without any tripod.
But a few times, my friend served as somehow fixing stand, I lent on his shoulders.
Digital camera mine is Creative, chinese production. It is inferior to SONY, KODAK, NIKON, CANON..., but it is small, can be put in any pocket.

Alex said...

Hope one day you will get an even better Camera and a real tripod (not your friend's shoulder). But the photos you posted look already very good.

Catherine said...

yeah they realley do look good, makes me want to visit Aleppo :)

business voodoo said...

beautiful pictures! lovely to know that the clouds are as amazing on another part of the planet as they are here ... there is hope ... keep up the great work!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

aleppian said...

thanks all for comments.
they become more beautiful with you!