Saturday, March 18, 2006

Salah El-Din Castle (Saladdin)

One of world's unique places. This is the gorge where road comes to the castle.

The gorge of Salah El-din Castle. Syria.
One of world's unique places.
The walls are about 50-60 m high, and totally straight standing. If you look to the sky here, as if they want to prevent your sight.

Many caves are there around the castle. All are naturally, but maybe then suited to hide people.

Your childhood dream's Castle. As in fairy tales.

How is the look of nature from Salah El-din Castle's top. At far point of the picture you see a lake. If someone remembers let write here.

The difficult tortuous road of the castle.
Actually here is the road very twisty, and dangerous. You can't see who is coming against you, the sight range is narrow. Constantly you have to blow the horn of the car.

More than fifty castles -- and given the idiosyncrasies of the terraineach of them notably different from the others -- remain as witnesses to Syria's ancient and varied history.

The Phoenicians still held the site when Alexander invaded Syria in 333 B.C.

Qalaat Saladin (Saladin's Castle) was, according to art historian Ross Burns (Monuments of Syria), "The most romantic of the castles". To architectural historian Fedden (Crusader Castles), "this was the finest and best preserved of the feudal castles prior to the profound modification in defensive architecture that came at the end of the twelfth century." For art critic and journalist Deschamps, "Other castles were built with economy and precision. It on the other hand is sprawling, solid and magnificent.

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