Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sarjella. Syria. Overview.

Sarjella. Syria. Overview.

Sarjella is located in the north of Syria near to Ariha, on the highway of Aleppo-Lattakia. It represents the Roman and Byzantine era, a typical village of those times, with all life-style components in it. It is back to 260 A.D., and some of the findings belong till to 340 A.D. People could build and prosper here due to the relative stability of this interval for them.

Sarjella is one of many villages found in this area, distinguishably well preserved. The location contains homes, churches, hostelries, olive oil fabrics, and cemeteries.
Some of the stones you see in the pictures are by hundreds of kilograms.

As to the findings on these ruins, Sarjellean people spoke Syriac and Greek languages. They adopted some of the Greek traditions as bases to their social life. And as to economic life, we knew also that Sarjella had a kind of democracy. Peasants got rich; some of the great buildings were owned by them.

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strontium90 said...

I've been in Serjella in summer '94 during a tour of the archaeological sites in the province of Idleb. particularly the Byzantine cities from the 5th and 6th centuries. I remember quite a bit of what I've seen but the olive oil plant was the most impressive of all. There's another in Al-Bara but I couldn't see it then because its door was locked.. :/

aleppian said...

Welcome again in Syria.