Saturday, October 01, 2005

The East Mediterranean Coast. Lattakia, Syria

The seashore of Lattakia. It is mostly sandy shore, without much waves, you see nearby the Meridien of Lattakia, a big sea-resort.

This is the kornish of Cote d'Azure of Lattakia. This area is notable for its busy street at sunset. There are every necessaries, food, swimwear, games, restaurant "Pizza Prime", and the tandems of two seat bicycles. There are also one with 5 people's tandems, i.e. 5 people to coordinate their movements to ride that bicycle!!

The picture is at the way just near to Cote d'Azure of Lattakia,
taken after rain.

Do you want to drink a cup of juice in this small cafe?
Lattakia, Syria. Near Ugarit ruins, the ancient phoenician city.

The bar of the Italian restaurant.

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