Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wadi Al-Nasara وادي النصارى

Wadi Al-Nasara is found on the border with Labanon, around Homs, the area extending to the south coast of Syria.

It contains the famous KraK De Chevaliers, and Der mar Georges, and many other historic sites.

Inhabited mostly by christians, and maybe the naming is because of it, but as in all Syria, people of different religous and ethnic groups are living together. Hence this is very characteristic of Syria.

These pictures are from my latest trip to this region.
See below Safita and Mashta Hlou.
Click on each to see the full pics. They are suitable for wallpapers if you wish to have it because they are in 800x600 px size.


Rami said...

Great photos...really!!
I am using the first one as a wallpaper...thx

Sinan said...

Nice pics :D

Omar said...

my parents were frequent visitors to Wadi el nasara, we would go on weekly basis to visit friends there

dancing solo said...

thats where I am originally from, it is amazing site, I still remember and miss that wadi, it is amazing nature, and hospitality. I am loving this post and the pictures. thanks