Saturday, July 09, 2005

I Have Just Come Back From Mashta Hlou

Mashta hlou is derived from a Assyrian word (oshti), and means land with many springs, or the other word (mashto) which means fresh spring. And both are true.

Mashta hlou is located in the syrian coast mountainous area, at altitude 700m.

There are important destinations, as Jabal Al-sayyide, Dawwayat cave, Arous spring, and Dalbe tree (the pic).

Now there are many touristic entertaining facilities, even swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, games, and many other things.

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Rami said...

I didnn't know that mashta's name is derived from Assyrian!! very intersting...
I visited mashta hlou so many times when i was in the boy scouts...we used to stop and drink from the spring in the main square near the tree...
your picture brought so much memories to my mind...thx