Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Village Nasira Near Marmarita

This is a village near Der Mar Georges (St Georges monastery), directly looking from the hill nearby.


pm said...

كما اعلم ان كفرا منطقة صغيرة ولكن فيها مناظر جميلة مطلة على الجبال
في عيد السيدة العذراء ينطلق منها كرنفال وهو الان يسمى بكرنفال الوادي يمر من مرمريتا ويعود الى كفرا في هذا اليوم كفرا ومرمريتا من اجمل الايام

Anonymous said...

More photos and a map of this beautiful village would be appreciated.

aleppian said...

I can't say when i will be there once more :), i am living far from there by 270km.
it is located near Homs city, Syria, west of Homs by 70km, near the famous Krak De Chevaliers, the ancient castle of Byzantine era.