Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Favorite Quotes

There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives
wings to the heart.

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.

Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend.
Agatha Christie 1891-1976, British Mystery Writer

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I
may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
Albert Camus 1913-1960, French Existential Writer

Friendship is genuine when two friends can enjoy each others company
without speaking a word to one another.

Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by
each other, however it blow.
Simon Dach 1605-1659, German Lyric Poet

Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.
Jacques Delille 1738-1813, French Poet

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

Albert Einstein

"Never frown even when you are sad because you never know who is
falling in love with your smile." -Megan Pettet


Rami said...

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.”
(Mark Twain)

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.”

“The greatest lies are told after fishing, during hunting and before marriage.”

Dina said...

Great quotes ...And welcome to the Syrian Blogosphere :)

Leo Vidigal said...

Hi, I am from Brazil. My Grandgrandfather was from this region, but i don't know were exactly is. Can I send you a picture of his village? I think it was called Michtaya, but I didn't find this name on the web. It seems to be near St. George's convent. My email is leovidigal@hotmail.com .